Close-up of the time-of-travel capture zone near Vincennes, IN

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Groundwater path lines toward the well indicate that a portion of the water is obtained from Wabash River and the rest intercepted from flow toward Wabash River. Path line sections between the well and the circular markers on the path lines delineate the 5-year time-of-travel capture zone. The red dashed circle represents an arbitrary fixed-radius capture zone of 3000 feet, which appears not sufficiently protective.
Note that the head waters of the ditch are grey (dry) so no water will be obtained from the ditch. The small red and green markers in the domain are Test Points of type "Piezometer". They are small triangles. The green triangles point upward to indicate that the modeled heads are (a little) too high. The red triangles point downward and indicate that the modeled heads are too low.