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Time-of-travel capture zone using a conjunctive groundwater and surface water flow solution near Vincennes, IN

Close-up of the time-of-travel capture zone near Vincennes, IN

Displaying differences in observed and modeled heads at Test Points (piezometers).

PEST parameter optimization is integrated in GFLOW.

Importing optimized parameters from PEST into GFLOW.

Managing calibration and sensitivity runs on the "Implement Scenario" control panel.

Viewing model calibration statistics.

Line-sinks are used to model streams and lakes.

Inhomogeneity domains define local aquifer properties and recharge.

Using horizontal barriers to groundwater flow.

Stream pumped dry near Columbus, IN.

Lake stages solved for by GFLOW

Lake water balance after a conjunctive groundwater-surface water solution.

Extracting a MODFLOW model out of a GFLOW model.